August 1988 was the turning point in my life when an accident resulted in major surgeries that pulled me into the pit of the valley of Death. I came out alive but it left me with limited vision.

After a year of isolation, anger, despair and frustration, with the persistent encouragement of friends and strangers alike, I pulled myself together and started on my new phase of life. I had to face reality and cope with the impending uncertainties in life.

I feel blessed that I don’t have to live in total darkness. With the remaining low vision, I can still paint, print, write and do many things, as well as travel extensively.

I am ever grateful to my circle of community, far and near, for their support and appreciation of my work.

To my family, friends and my art collectors: without your presence, I would not be able to continue my passage in life and the arts.

Thank you for being here.


An observation by a web developer:

The financial situation of an artist is not the most stable. What’s more as an artist with vision-impairment. Seok Tin comes from a humble background, she has to support herself as well as another sibling who relies on her. She can’t take it easy but still have to work and work doubly hard. It is our blessing that her situation forces her to produce more works of art.

Close to My Heart Series – Pursue and Think Fondly of (II)
<我心所系> 系列--追求与眷念(二)
Mixed Media
H38 cm

“What is important to me is not how to create pictures, but how to live.” Chng Seok Tin