Chng Seok Tin



Credit: Helen Mackinley

Name CHNG SEOK TIN     original: 莊淑珍, pen name: 莊心珍,aka 莊淑昭.
Occupation Artist, Writer, Songwriter
Birth Place Singapore
Gender    Female
Citizenship Singapore Citizen
Studio Address Studio 110, 91, Lorong J, Telok Kurau Road, Singapore 425985

Biography of Artist-Writer-Lyricist Hypenate

Chng Seok Tin first studied art in her home country Singapore. Her first teacher was pioneer artist Yeo Hwee Bin. Other Singapore greats such as Georgette Chen, Lai Fung Mei and Wong Yi Chuen contributed to her art education in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.Then she furthered her art studies overseas in UK, France and USA from 1971 to 1985. She obtained two master degrees from New Mexico State University and The University of Iowa in USA, majoring in printmaking. In France, she studied printmaking under legendary S.W. Hayter at Atelier 17.

Seok Tin never restricts her practice to only creating prints; her other creative expressions include drawing, painting, collage, mixed media, textile, photography, ceramic, sculpture and installation.

From 1986 onwards, she taught printmaking at tertiary level for a decade in Singapore.

In 1988, she had a crisis point from which she emerged with near complete loss of vision. Thereafter, Seok Tin focused more on printmaking, mixed media and sculptural works. A socially conscious artist, her works deal with nature, social and human conditions.

Seok Tin has held 30 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 140 group exhibitions in Singapore and internationally including Australia, Asia, Australia Europe and USA, making her one of the most exhibited artists. The exhibitions were held at premier institutions as such Singapore Art Gallery, Jendela Gallery at the Esplanade. She is the first-only Singapore artist to exhibit at the United Nations HQ in Brussels.

She has received scholarships, study awards and residency grants.

In 2001, she became the first Singapore artist to be awarded Woman of the Year by Her World magazine, Singapore.

In 2005, she was awarded top artistic honour, the Cultural Medallion, by the President, Singapore.

In 2014, she was inducted into Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame in its inaugural year.

Seok Tin’s creativity also extends to the literary scene and songwriting.

She is an established writer. Her articles have appeared in the national Chinese newspaper and magazines throughout the years in Singapore and Hong Kong.

She has won 2nd prize in the ‘Worldwide Chinese Essay Competition’ organised by the Wide Angle Press, Hong Kong (title: jiu zhi ji(Job Search Journal) – reprinted in her Afternoon Tea Time book(Chinese).

In 2007, Singapore Literature Society honoured her with their Singapore Chinese Literary Award.

She has published 13 books, most of them adorned with her own illustrations.

Her art and essay can be found in school textbooks in Singapore, and her essay in Hong Kong’s.

Three songs whose lyrics were written by her were sung in the Wataboshi Music Festival Concert in Singapore: 1993, 1995, 1997. One of them ‘Walk Out of the Darkness, My Friend’ was popularized by local singer Kit Chan in her first album.

Poetry Box

Chng Seok Tin awarded 2014 Singapore Women of the Year

Close to My Heart Series – Pursue and Think Fondly of I
<我心所系> 系列--追求与眷念(一)
Paper and Mixed Media
Maximum ball size: 80cm