1993 Her lyrics composition was a finalist selection to the song Walk out of the darkness, my friend, in Singapore Wataboshi Music Concert. 走出黑暗的世界吧!朋友

1995 Awarded Best Lyrics Composition as Singapore Representative in ‘8th Asia Pacific Wataboshi Music Festival’, Shanghai, China for lyrics: “Actually what I have left is still a lot” 其实我拥有的还很多

1997 Being a past winner, she was invited as honoured guest to submit a lyrics composition. Her song(I wish) was performed at the Singapore Wataboshi Music Festival concert.

Title : 走出黑暗的世界吧! 朋友 (ZOU CHU HEI AN DE SHI JIE BA! PENG YOU)

The song was popularized by Singapore singer Kit Chan Chinese: 陈洁仪; pinyinChén Jiéyí in her first album

Composer : Quah Kwee Ming Lyricist : Chng Seok Tin

Walk out of the Darkness My Friend Music Score: